A Random Walk Toward a Net Positive

by Derek Kane, Deka Research and Development  dgkane64@gmail.com ~ Today, I am investigating whether magnetic resonance imaging can evaluate cell viability as we attempt to grow replacement organs: hearts, lungs, kidneys, etc., for patients who need transplants. I believe the child I was at five would approve. Of course, I also have a two hour... Continue Reading →

Blogpost: Parsa Bakhtary

It is humbling to address future and current mathematicians, but as a former algebraic geometer myself, I will do my best to share with you my story. I work as a data scientist, which the Harvard Business Review in 2012 dubbed “the sexiest job of the 21st century,” at Facebook, which has been ranked by... Continue Reading →

Opportunity: Machine Learning Workshop

Fundamentals of Machine Learning Workshop at Stanford University March 31, 2017 Discover the basics behind the application of modern machine learning algorithms. The workshop instructors will discuss a framework for reasoning about when to apply various machine learning techniques, emphasizing questions of over-­fitting/under-­fitting, regularization, interpretability, supervised/unsupervised methods, and handling of missing data.   For more information, visit the Stanford ICME... Continue Reading →

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