BIG Math Network By-laws

  1. The Steering Committee (SC) shall consist of representatives from sponsoring organizations and 10 additional members.
  2. Each sponsoring organization designates a representative.  The organization loses representation when it pulls out as sponsor.
  3. The ten additional members will consist of five members from industry/lab and five members from academic institutions.  Terms of memberships are for three years.  Members can serve multiple but not consecutive terms.
  4. New members of SC are elected by existing members.  Election procedure:
    1. SC solicits nominations during the nomination period which ends on October 15,
    2. Election is by ranked choice voting and conducted by November 15,
    3. Elected new members shall start their term on January 1 the following year.
  5. The Chair of SC serves a term of two years.  Official appointment as chair requires 2/3 votes of SC.
  6. A member of SC shall serve as Treasurer who will be responsible for managing the finances of the BIG Math Network and filing tax returns on behalf of the Network.