Resources for Students

Seeking a satisfying career in BIG (Business, Industry and Government) is a multi-stage process.

  • You start by identifying your goals and personal values.

  • Then you plan what courses to study, craft a great résumé, and try out an internship.

  • You learn more about career options, and research and apply for full-time jobs.

  • You interview with confidence because you know the job matches your skills and values.

  • After getting the position, you develop a network of mentors, and continue to grow your career.

The BIG Jobs Guide takes you step-by-step through these stages, and includes practical checklists and advice from mathematical scientists in industry. The book offers specific guidance for mathematics, statistics and operations research majors.

Following are some online resources, broadly aimed at college students, that help you get started, and complement the material in the BIG Jobs Guide.