Department Resources

The following low-cost activities help students prepare for BIG careers. It is important to designate a faculty member as the graduate careers point person, and give them service credit for these activities.

Careers email list/Discord/Slack/Teams

  • announce career fairs on campus
  • post job ads relevant to students
  • link to recruiting events, resume feedback sessions, etc.

Panels and round-table discussions

  • hold events in-person or virtually
  • invite panelists from government labs or industry (alumni with industry or government experience make great panelists)
  • take advantage of the SIAM Visiting Lecturer Program

Resume advice

  • encourage students to get feedback from the campus career center

Networking on campus

  • build a relationship with the career center staff
  • develop links with campus corporate relations personnel
  • connect students with scientists and engineers on campus for research experiences

Networking with employers

  • get to know local employers who are open to hiring a mathematical sciences student
  • talk to the technical staff, especially if they have a background in mathematics, physics or engineering

Networking with national labs

  • use existing contacts – do faculty members have collaborators at a national lab? do alumni work at national labs? does your university have a special relationship with the national labs? 
  • ask the vice president for research to provide introductions

More detailed suggestions