Major Donation to the BIG Math Network

by Fadil Santosa and Richard Laugesen ~ Philippe and Claire-Lise Tondeur have generously given over $300,000 to further the goals of the BIG Math Network. The funds go in equal portions to the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).  The three societies... Continue Reading →

Interview with the BIG Jobs Guide Authors

The authors of the BIG Jobs Guide, Richard Laugesen (University of Illinois), Rachel Levy (Mathematical Association of America) and Fadil Santosa (University of Minnesota), talk about the book. Interview republished with permission from Inside SIAM.   Rachel Levy, Richard Laugesen, and Fadil Santosa   SIAM: What inspired you to write BIG Jobs Guide? Fadil Santosa: I... Continue Reading →

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