Technical and Organizational Challenges for Data Scientists – SIAM News

By Catherine Micek

~ As a freshman in college, I decided that I wanted to be a math professor. I’d always valued learning and had been interested in teaching from a young age. My desire to teach mathematics was twofold. I enjoyed the challenge of communicating a dense subject by breaking down complex ideas and explaining them step by step, and I loved learning about the applications of mathematics across diverse fields like physics, computer science, and music. As a professor, I knew I could continue learning through research while sharing my love of math with students. With this goal in mind, I pursued a Ph.D. in applied mathematics.

Yet by the time I obtained my degree, I was no longer certain that I wanted to continue in academia…

Catherine Micek (third from left) and her team, K-Means Business, hard at work during 3M’s Data Intelligence Global Hackathon, which took place in April 2019. The team placed third. Image courtesy of Ghulam Jafferi.

To read the full article visit SIAM News here!

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