Resources for Students

Learning about BIG Careers (Business, Industry and Government)

Preparing for BIG Careers

  • Visit your campus career office for an individual consultation
  • Sign up on your campus jobs board: enter keywords and register for weekly updates
  • Network with alumni from your program; ask the director of your graduate program for suggestions
  • Tell mentors you are interested in industry and government careers, and see what connections and advice they have
  • Decide on some career paths that interest you
  • Develop skills – in-person
  • Take courses and training workshops at your university on topics such as:
    • regression, machine learning, data analysis and mining
    • programming (e.g. Python, Matlab, Java, C++, object oriented programming, shell scripting), numerical methods, data structures
    • stochastic processes, mathematical finance
    • actuarial science, finance
    • mathematical modeling

Gain Experience through Data Science and Modeling Challenges and Competitions

Four Popular Career Choices

Finding Jobs and Internships

See your campus career office for guidance on how to network effectively. Most job seekers do not find a job just by uploading résumés online – you need to make personal contacts!

More Links on Internships

Preparing for Interviews – Technical Skills

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science, Quantitative Analyst (for technology and finance)
    In order to prepare for interviews, one needs to brush up skills in:

Preparing for Interviews – Soft Skills

Thought-provoking Links

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